about dataoutreach

DataOutreach, one of CyberXpert's premier add-in products for Microsoft® Excel, takes Excel applications beyond the limits of the single-user desktop into the realm of networks and collaborative processing. With DataOutreach, you share spreadsheet data with co-workers -- whether they are across the room or across the globe -- in real time. No waiting for file transfers or downloads. No searching for relevant data or worrying if it is current. DataOutreach puts precise, time-sensitive information directly into your spreadsheet where it counts and updates it automatically.


Share synchronized, up-to-the-minute data with your team.

DataOutreach propagates data values among spreadsheets and updates all of them automatically whenever changes are made. That means everyone on the team gets the latest information instantly whether they are at your side in Seattle or heading to work in Singapore. (They don't have to be logged on.) DataOutreach can even send team members a "wake-up call" to get with the program.


Publish just the information you want to share and subscribe to just the information you need.

DataOutreach lets you choose exactly which spreadsheet values may be transmitted or received. No editing out confidential information or sifting through irrelevancies to find what you need. Just specify what you want and DataOutreach takes care of the rest.


Plug into existing applications quickly and easily.

DataOutreach has publisher and subscriber functions that can be used in formulas and macros just like any other Excel function. Plug them into your existing Excel applications and get real-time updates instantly. No re-engineering complex programs. No learning curve. Converting to a multi-user environment couldn't be easier.


Communicate securely and transparently.

DataOutreach uses dedicated socket connections to exchange data and can screen out unwanted subscribers, so communications are more secure than with standard messaging protocols. And all transactions can be recovered from logs. Furthermore, DataOutreach connections are completely transparent. All you need to know are the names of the topics and items you want. DataOutreach determines which spreadsheets to use and where they're located.


Integrate into any architecture.

DataOutreach's transparent communications and simple design make it adaptable to any application architecture. Distribute publisher functions among desktop users or publish from a centralized server. Pool data streams from outside services on a publishing server and push massaged data to subscriber spreadsheets. Or set up multiple servers and let subscribers pull info from the nearest one. Since DataOutreach dynamically locates resources, it can automatically switch from one publisher to another if a connection is lost. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours. With DataOutreach, there are no boundaries.


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