IB-Excel Adapter

  IB-Excel adapter enables any MSExcel workbook to subscribe and receive real-time updates using cell formula (IB_Subscribe). It is not a DDE service, still provides a flicker free, high-speed cell updates. IB-Excel adapter supports Stocks, Options, Futures, Indexes, Index Futures and Foreign exchange symbols.








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=IB_subscribe( $A2, B$1)

=IB_subscribe( $A2, C$1)







Jump start instructions(pdf, 4 pages)   Free software(self extraction, ~4MB)


  Having a hard time managing your workbooks ? You can simplify your work to a great extent by using ExcelOutreach. ExcelOutreach infers, embeds and formats cell values for you. Please find more information about ExcelOuteach in this brochure and presentation slides . VBA coding experience or help from a VBA expert is required, otherwise it is not worth your time.
Manual(pdf, 50 pages) Free software package(self extraction, 7MB)

  Want to feed data from your workbook to your number crunching program or the other way, all in real-time ? DataOutreach is the solution. Please find more information in this brochure and presentation slides.

Jump start instructions(pdf, 3 pages) Software(self extraction, 2MB) User Guide(pdf, 85 pages)

  Want to keep MS Excel as your flexible interface, but outsource your heavy duty, resource hogging calculations to your high performance computers ? LibOutreach is the solution. Please find more information in this brochure and presentation slides.
Manual (pdf, 25 pages)
Client: Microsoft Excel (self extraction, 1MB)
Server:Linux OS (tar, 4MB)  Solaris OS(tar, 4MB)

 Real-time Graph

  Eyeballing and mentally interpreting your P&L / Spread / Delta / VaR ... numbers, when you can visualize them in a real-time graph ?

MS Excel has numerous charting options, but all the options are only for static data. If you are getting live feed from IB-TWS into MS Excel using IB-Excel adapter, in one more step, you can plot your numbers in a real-time graph.

Instructions(pdf, 6 pages) 30 days evaluation package(self extraction, 2.5MB)

  If you have any problem in downloading or installing above packages, please send an email to support@cyberxpert.com.
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