about exceloutreach

ExcelOutreach, one of CyberXpert's innovative add-in products for Microsoft® Excel, takes Excel beyond the limits of today's spreadsheet applications into the realm of cyber-intelligence and automation. From correcting mistakes to mining sales data for market trends, ExcelOutreach automates and manages it all. No more laboring long hours on complex spreadsheet applications. With ExcelOutreach as your assistant, the job will be done in no time.


Automate common and uncommon tasks.

ExcelOutreach automates any spreadsheet task, whether it's typing simple formulas or constructing complex what-if scenarios. With its powerful inference engine and event handler, ExcelOutreach can analyze dependencies, enter formulas, and supply input values, as well as design reports, check results, and fix errors. It can even send your boss an e-mail when the job is done. And when ExcelOutreach is linked to CyberXpert's LibOutreach and DataOutreach packages, there's no limit to what it can do. Office automation takes on a whole new meaning with ExcelOutreach.


Turn spreadsheet functions into re-usable, sharable objects.

ExcelOutreach converts ordinary formulas into intelligent objects that format themselves and respond to events. As objects, they can be packaged and used in other Excel and Visual Basic applications, and they can inherit or override properties and behavior. That means you don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. Download objects into a workbook and change just what you need. Re-useable objects save hours of development time and give you extra return on your investment.


Create dazzling reports and charts in seconds.

ExcelOutreach produces professional-quality reports and charts with minimum effort from you. That's because ExcelOutreach uses intelligent objects as input rather than cell ranges which ordinary Excel reports use. Unlike ranges, objects can organize, format and display themselves; compare themselves to other objects; and react to events. That means you can create real-time charts that update themselves whenever data changes -- something impossible in ordinary Excel. And any changes you make to ExcelOutreach objects are remembered. You don't have to start from scratch each time.


Analyze data and watch for trends.

ExcelOutreach gives you more insight into your data than you ever had before. No more wondering where numbers came from. ExcelOutreach shows you every dependency. You can navigate worksheets from high-level summaries down to the last supporting detail with a click of the mouse. And with its unique, local event handlers, ExcelOutreach can monitor trends and alert you to trouble before it happens. You'll never be caught by surprise again with ExcelOutreach as your data mining guide.


Simplify management of complex spreadsheet applications.

ExcelOutreach gives you a cadre of tools for managing Excel applications. From its function catalog to its formula debugger, ExcelOutreach supplies everything you need to maintain even the most complicated workbooks. No more guessing at cryptic cell references or trying to remember what the XIRR function does. No more worrying if a change you make today will break a formula that worked last week. It's the ultimate management and productivity tool.


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