about liboutreach

LibOutreach, one of CyberXpert's leading-edge, add-in products for Microsoft® Excel, takes Excel applications beyond the limits of the single-user desktop into the realm of servers and distributed processing. Whether it's your favorite formula for picking mortgage rates or a computation in celestial mechanics, as long as it's in a UNIX or Win32 library, you can run it from Excel. No more costly conversions. Run server routines on their native platforms and get the results on your desktop. LibOutreach opens up a world of computing power you never imagined you'd find in a spreadsheet.


Call powerful library routines from Excel and Visual Basic applications.

LibOutreach runs library routines on the server and brings the results back to Excel and Visual Basic applications. That means you can perform tasks otherwise impossible for Visual Basic macros. Complex scientific and engineering operations, once solely the province of high-powered UNIX servers, can now be called from your PC. Excel need never be limited by its platform again.


Save migration costs and leverage your investment in existing code.

LibOutreach puts Visual Basic wrappers around existing programs, getting extra mileage out of code you've already paid for. Out of the box, LibOutreach works with C and C++ libraries, but it also works with custom wrappers for other languages, giving you even more opportunities to recycle code. And, since LibOutreach runs programs in their native environment, you don't pay porting or conversion costs.


Get fast results with parallel processing power.

LibOutreach offloads processing to other computers, giving you fast results and freeing your computer for other tasks. No more waiting for complex calculations to complete while your spreadsheet sits frozen. LibOutreach can run several processes on multiple servers simultaneously while you get on with your work. And with three execution modes to choose from, LibOutreach lets you decide how and when to get the results.


Interface seamlessly with remote UNIX and Win32 servers and existing applications.

LibOutreach manages all interaction with servers transparently. No fussing with communications protocols. No fretting over data type conversions. LibOutreach handles all of that for you. And, since LibOutreach wraps everything as a function, you can use any library routine procedures as well as functions in spreadsheet formulas. (Multiple return values are sent to ranges.) Just plug in server functions as you would any other Excel or Visual Basic function and leave the rest to LibOutreach.


Simplify maintenance and code distribution.

LibOutreach maintains all of its modules on the server and downloads code to clients on request. That lets you manage source code in one location and simplifies distribution and version control. No need to worry if you have the latest version of the Futures Risk Function. One click of a button and you do. And LibOutreach helps you manage development too. You can run multiple instances of LibOutreach on a server to keep separate versions for development, testing and production.


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