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LibOutreach brings the power of servers to Excel. Whether it's your favorite formula for picking mortgage rates or a computation in celestial mechanics, as long as it's in a library on a UNIX or NT server you can run it from Excel. No more costly conversions. No more fussing with communications protocols. LibOutreach delivers on the promise of reusable code almost as easily as you can say "LibOutreach". more>>


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DataOutreach brings the power of networks to Excel. You can exchange spreadsheet data with co-workers across the room or across the globe in a matter of seconds. No more waiting for current prices or guessing at downside risk. With DataOutreach you share important information in real-time. You'll be running the numbers and cranking out reports while everyone else is waiting for download files. more>>


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ExcelOutreach brings the power of cybernetics to Excel. From correcting mistakes to mining sales data for market trends, ExcelOutreach automates and manages it all. With its cyber-smart inference engine and event handler, ExcelOutreach constructs what-if scenarios as easily as it types formulas. It can even send your boss an e-mail when the job is finished. No more laboring long hours on complex spreadsheet applications. With ExcelOutreach as your assistant, you'll be done in no time. more>>

So whether you want to tap into industrial strength C++ code, share up-to-the-minute inventory information with your partners in London, or just improve your productivity, CyberXpert has the tools to push you past the boundaries of today's Excel applications. Together, you'll outreach the competition and go places you never thought possible.