how exceloutreach works

ExcelOutreach is an object-oriented framework that changes the basic building blocks of spreadsheet applications from cells to intelligent objects. This lets you create highly sophisticated applications that are easy to understand and maintain, and automate tasks that had to done manually before.

Excel Outreach has three main components — Formula Manager, Presentation Manager and Graph Manager. Together, they put the power of objects to work for you.



Formula Manager catalogs functions as objects. Each object includes the formula's name (alias) and definition, along with any formatting styles, event handling routines, or output locations associated with it. As objects, these functions can be shared and re-used in other workbooks.

Presentation Manager takes objects cataloged in Formula Manager and builds on them. It analyzes the relationships between objects, infers dependencies, and recognizes where objects can be embedded or expanded. You can use Presentation Manager to automate tasks, such as entering input values in what-if scenarios, importing and formatting a database, creating EIS reports with drill-downs, or alerting you to trends or problem spots in your data.


Graph Manager generates graphs using objects as inputs instead of spreadsheet addresses the way Excel ordinarily does.This lets you create "intelligent" graphs with objects that know how to format and display themselves, how to monitor events, and how to compare themselves with other objects. They can even update themselves in response to events to give you continuous, real-time graphical reports.

Graph Manager produces two kinds of graphs: static charts, similar to those found in Microsoft Excel, and dynamic charts that can monitor events and be updated in real-time.


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