how liboutreach works




LibOutreach has two components: LibServer resides on server computers where the libraries are located and LibClient resides on the client computer running Excel or Visual Basic applications. All requests are handled as function calls through LibClient and may be executed from Excel formulas or any VBA macro. Processing is done on the server and the results are returned to the application.

In sequential mode, LibClient waits until the result is returned before passing control back to the application. In parallel and stream modes, LibClient returns control immediately and the results are returned directly to the application when the function completes. Stream mode further allows values to be sent back to the application while the function is still processing.

A LibOutreach client may be connected to any number of servers. To download function definitions to LibClient, select the server and the library from drop down boxes in Excel. Once definitions are downloaded you can use them as formulas in Excel or as functions in VBA. Communications are completely transparent.






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